I have been teaching for over twelve years. Each section leads to a gallery with more photos of student work and some brief descriptions of the lessons that they represent.

Self Portrait Reduction Print

Self Portrait Reduction Print

Middle School

Ah middle school!  The level that is either feared or adored...  I adore them. Such a weird and fun age! They are goofy and curious and game to try most anything.

12" tall Coil Pot

12" tall Coil Pot

High School

I have taught lots of Pottery and Sculpture to High School students which is really fun for me because it is my medium of choice. But I have also taught many Foundations courses, Painting, Drawing, and Film classes. The film class was lots of fun!  I hope that the students learned as much as I did!


School for american crafts

While in graduate school I taught ceramics electives to undergraduates and graduate students. It was always interesting to see how a Photo major or Industrial Design major approached working in clay!

Art Certificate Program- Creative Trails

Creative Trails has amazing programs for adults with developmental disabilities. When they decided to create an Art Certificate Program I was hired to help develop it and lead it. I have fond memories of every artist in that program and was honored to be a part of this amazing program.